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AlphaCore’s Dick Pfister Talks Alternative Allocations with Strategic Investor Radio

Dick Pfister, founder and CEO of AlphaCore Capital, was a guest on Strategic Investor Radio where he shared his personal experience that led him to form AlphaCore Capital. In the interview, Dick discusses increased demand for alternative investments and the growing number of alternative managers. AlphaCore helps advisors navigate the challenging and widely-dispersed alternative investment landscape to incorporate diversified liquid alternatives with traditional stock/bond allocations.

Having lived through several financial crises and having spent the bulk of his career in the alternative space, Mr. Pfister has seen first-hand that exposure to assets and strategies that have low correlation to the stock and bond markets is essential. Alternatives provide such exposures, but just one alternative fund is often not enough. Strategies vary widely within the alternatives category, and in his interview, Mr. Pfister breaks them down into two broad categories:

  • Convergent strategies, which include event driven, relative value, and long/short equity; and
  • Divergent strategies, which include managed futures and global macro.


A diversified blend of both convergent and divergent strategies, implemented within a broader portfolio, work well in unpredictable market environments.

While many advisors know the value of alternative allocations, with more than 400 alternatives managers active today, it is it difficult to find the best. It takes a dedicated firm with research staff who have the expertise to provide advice in creating the right blend of managers, weighted for a clients’ needs. That’s where AlphaCore comes in. Learn more and listen to the complete interview here.